Welcome to the future of disaster broadcasting

The Backpack Radio Station Project is an ambitious project to reduce the number of victims in disasters by using ICT

What is Backpack Radio Station?

Combination ICT Tools for communication and information in disaster or remote area.

Produced by looking at the detail function

Easy to use by everyone even without understanding the tools of ICT

Produced based on field experience.

Age Of Wonderland 2016

The Age of Wonderland programme revolves around the understanding that we need a more robust collaboration between creative makers and thinkers from all over the world. When it comes to the great challenges of our time, we need to act on a global scale – to secure a liveable, inclusive society and planet. The Age of Wonderland programme invites these innovators, in order to join forces with our local community of scientists, engineers, designers and artists to develop socially innovative ideas that will boost sustainable social change on a global scale. To foster this collaboration, Hivos, Baltan Laboratories and Dutch Design Foundation, yearly invite fellows – as we call them – to the Netherlands for an intensive visitor programme and residency. The status of their projects and experiences is presented at the globally renowned Dutch Design Week.

WSIS Prizez 2017 Champion

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We are one of the winners of the Climate Action Challenge!

On the 23rd of November 2017  at WDCD Live in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The international jury of the Climate Action Challenge of What Design Can Do selected our Backpack Radio Station for the Acceleration Phase! So, we are one of the winners of the Climate Action Challenge. In September the WDCD received 384 entries from 70 countries. […]


Mobile Radio Station App

This app makes it easy for everyone to be able to broadcast.


The story of Age of Wonderland 2016

This the story of Age of Wonderland 2016 Age of Wonderland 2016: Big Data. Big DADA? While we are busy working on our 100 DAYS OF LEARNING program, you can have a look at the footage of the 2016 edition of Age of Wonderland during Dutch Design Week, Eindhoven! Enjoy. Dikirim oleh Age of Wonderland […]


Scheme for Radio Broadcast in the Backpack

In the below diagram is the essential scheme for broadcasting from a radio station.   Based on our experience, a 6Km broadcast range is enough in the Indonesian context. Hence we can limit the power needed and the energy carried (Battery) The Backpack Radio Station consist in: a 15 watt FM transmitter for the radio […]


Dialog to Capture Small Details

First prototype for the Backpack: To keep things simple we need a long dialogue about the little things and details. We are trying to fit all the equipment in the most practical way keeping a good comfort. We still need to improve some details but it’s been really fun to discuss about it!  


From Sketch To Prototype

There are three important part in making the backpack radio station. The first part deals with the tools to radio broadcast and other communications devices. The second relates to the application that will be used in the radio device. The third relates to the design and manufacturing of it in order to fit hardware and software. […]


Speak Up in The Radio and Save The Life

Backpack Radio Station is good on the frontier, rural, and isolated areas where no well developed infrastructures or ICT exist. Places without well diffused disaster education due to language barriers, cultural differences, location / isolation, and lack of access to resources. The best ways of reducing/ preventing disaster are: 1: To anticipate potential disasters. Plan and execute an […]