Indonesia is one of the world’s most susceptible nations to natural disasters, with more than 600,000 people a year suffering from their consequences (2009 UN Global Assessment on Disaster Risk Reduction). In the first quarter of 2011 alone, Indonesia experienced 67 significant earthquakes (5.0 magnitude or higher). Volcanic eruptions, flooding, landslides and tsunamis are continual threats.

Indonesia is also a country with over 17,000 islands where most of the islands have no access to ICT technologies.

How data can be accessed by the village community, fishermen, indigenous peoples in small islands and have not had access to ICT technologies. What is the use a lot of data that can not be used for human daily life. And how the voice of the community who do not have access can also be accessed by the world?

Of the above questions, came the idea of Radio Stations backpacks. Is a two-way broadcast radio stations with limited watt contained in a backpack.

A radio station that can broadcast a live broadcast at any time and anywhere. Especially in the event of disaster. Where all the technological devices do not work because of a disaster. The backpack radio stations remain functional and easy to use.

With models and shapes in designs that are easy to use, lightweight, and flexible, Backpacks radio stations can be used in small islands and areas that have not been accessed by the information and communication.


  1. Mini radio stations that can move quickly to the disaster site
  2. The media center in places where there is no access and no service information technology.

Technical devices

Device radio broadcast: Transmitters, Antenna, Microphone, Headphones,  Laptop/ Tablet (multimedia), Cables. ICT tools for 2-way communication: 2 Handy Talkie & 1 Smartphone. Devices for energy supply: Long-lasting battery, Mini solar panels with a capacity sufficient for radio broadcasts. And Satellite phone.

Device Storage devices: Backpack of material that is waterproof and fireproof, lightweight and strong as well. This bag is designed specifically with the criteria modifiaksi to bag traveler. Due to the disaster site or remote areas can not be predicted then it should be easy to carry bag in geography and weather conditions. In rainy weather can be waterproof and cold being in hot weather can stand the heat.